Days of the Week Comment Prompts

Manic Monday - Tell us what makes you crazy.
Tantrum Tuesday - Tell us what makes you mad.
Wonderful Wednesday - Tell us what's wonderful about today.
Thankful Thursay - Tell us what you're thankful for.
Finally Friday - Tell us about your weekend plans.

Princess Pickle

Wow, I totally just found this "Stand-Alone Page" crap and I think it's freaking cool. :)


My Birthday is: October 8th

My Relationship Status is: Noneya :)

My Location is: Nowhere, Texas

Three Important Details: (Finish the sentence) I Am: easily annoyed and brash.

I'm Not: insensative or uncaring.

My: ass hurts, i've been sitting funny.

Likes and Dislikes: Three Drinks I Like Are: Jack Daniels, Coke, or a combination thereof :)

Three Foods I Like Are: Lasagna *yummy*, Pimento cheese, Monterey Jack Chicken

A Flavour I Like Is: Duh, anything chocolate :)

Video Games I Like Are: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Viva Pinata

Books I Like Are: Pretty Little Liars, Harry Potter, Anything but Twilight

Music Genre I like: Country. Get over it. :)

Finish The Sentence: My Drawings Are: awful lmao

My Cooking Is: good, everyone else seems to like it.

My Organizational Skills Are: non-existant.

My Bed Size Is: twin, who wants to know? *shifty eyes*

My Bedroom Is: a total disaster.

My Pets Are: annoying as fuck.

What Do You Want To Say To Your Guests: Thank you for subscribing! I love you!