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Manic Monday - Tell us what makes you crazy.
Tantrum Tuesday - Tell us what makes you mad.
Wonderful Wednesday - Tell us what's wonderful about today.
Thankful Thursay - Tell us what you're thankful for.
Finally Friday - Tell us about your weekend plans.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Princes Pickle

Good morning, sunshines! Not only is Princess Pickle's entire finger going to fall off because she slammed it in a garage door, but her esophagus is also going to implode. :D Princess Pickle is getting sick because her crazy ass parents can't manage to leave the AC alone at night. Yes, it's a cool little touch screen thermostat. Yes, it does make neato beeping noises. That does not mean we have to play with it every night (hehe that's what she said PINK), your sickly child is getting more sickly. :(

Well, today is Wonderful Wednesday. The comment prompts are up at the top of the screen, tell us what's wonerful about your day. My day hasn't really commenced yet, this aide class bores me a little, because I've already taken Government.

Must go, time for study hall. :D THAT should be a freaking blast -.-

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :D

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  1. It's wonderful that I have a new blog to link that updates frequently enough.