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Thursday, April 1, 2010

About Frere-et-GaGa

Well... Princes Pickle *cough* bitch *cough* has been pestering me to post something on here. Well Princess Pickle... fuck you, here it is -.-

My Name is: Frere-et-GaGa
My Birthday is: Feb. 11th 
My Relationship Status is: my love life is non existent!!! thank you bitches for reminding me -.-
My Location is: Paris, France!!! (most def not smelly ol' texas)
Three Important Details: (Finish the sentence)
I Am: a bitch
I'm Not: sensitive or caring.
My: co-writer pisses me off to no extent 
Likes and Dislikes:
Three Drinks I Like Are: coke, sweet tea, and smirnoff (yes i am aware smirnoff is a bitch beer, thanks!) 
Three Foods I Like Are: pizza, good ol' fried taters, and cappuccino white chocolate mousse cake!!! 
A Flavour I Like Is: dick-flavored!!! mmmmm
Video Games I Like Are: only losers waste their time with that shit!
Books I Like Are: Twilight, the Host, Evermore
Music Genre I like: just about anything
Finish The Sentence:
My Drawings Are: revolting
My Cooking Is: the best of the best!!! ( i am aka CHEF Frere-et-GaGa)
My Organizational Skills Are: non-existant.
My Bed Size Is: Queen. enough room for an extra fella or three!!!
My Bedroom Is: not too messy... but nowhere near clean
My Pets Are: annoying!!!! but i still lurve him!!!
What Do You Want To Say To Your Guests: I hope you enjoy the blog! if you don't... go fuck your self!!!

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