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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Official First Post

Drumroll, please...

TA DA! This is the Official First Post of the Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Sisterhood.

A whole blog rull of musings, and snippets and opinions of two high school seniors waiting to graduate. :) This blog will be co-written by PrincessPickle, an Frere-et-GaGa.

Since PrincessPickle never plans to follow in her mother's footsteps and become blogging "royalty," this blog may be slightly offensive to several groups of people so I feel I must include a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: Your feelings are not protected under the constiution. As a free-thinking, free-speaking American citizen, I am not obligated to refrain from saying things that offend you. If you are in any way easily offended by tactless, brash, harsh, opinionated teenagers or are uncomfortable discussing topics such as religion, abortion, animal testing, homosexuality (Frere-et-GaGa's Fav!!), gun control (PrincessPickle's personal favorite), or offensive profanity, do not bother to read my posts. You will be offended. Seriously, people.

A litle bit about PrincessPickle and Frere-et-GaGa will be next. :) Stay tuned!

P.S. A surprise guest may be coming soon!

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